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After Reaching All-Time High, ApeCoin Is Accepted By NFT Market Place OpenSea, Did Elon’s Tactic Worked On ApeCoin?


ApeCoin is so popular these days for its brilliant performance. Since its beginning, ApeCoin is so popular and most people had an eye on it.

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You can clearly see since its first day of trading it has shown a massive bullish mode and from the first day, the rhythm and the momentum had continued in green till now.

This week was the best week for ApeCoin since its birth as the All-time high price was touched yesterday. With all of this good news, ApeCoin is now looking forward to gaining more with the NFT Market place OpenSea.

So today officially the Bored Ape Yacht Club creators of the Yuga Labs’ number one NFT marketplace OpenSea announced its acceptance on ApeCoin.

Bored Ape Yacht is a famous NFT Collection. It Includes 10’000 apes designs that can be used as profile pictures. According to reports the cheapest Bored Ape currently listed on NFT marketplace OpenSea is $300,000.

So it’s interesting to see after reaching the All-time high mark the NFT Giant has accepted ApeCoin.

So many critics and reviews say ApeCoin is backed by Mr.Twitter, Elon Musk. However research has shown most people think ApeCoin is a meme coin, But it is not. ApeCoin is directly created aiming at the future Metaverse along with the NFT marketplace.

So we all know how Elon Musk creates hype on Crypto coins. Especially the Memecoins, but still Elon didn’t directly involve hyping the ApeCoin but in some interviews, Elon said he believes ApeCoin will be a huge product in the future.

There are so many rumors as he is backing the ApeCoin from behind. SO according to reports the top-tier Bored Ape non-fungible token (NFT) piece under the number 1,837 has been sold to a secret buyer.

The data says the stranger has spent around 600 Ethereum on the NFT buy. So that was the point as so many people believe it is Elon who acted as the secret buyer.

This is still unofficial news even though Elon has not spoken a word about it.

ApeCoin Chart

So according to this data, most of the ApeCoins are held by the Top investors. So who are they? Who are the top 100 holders who hold an amount of 51.04%? So with the OpenSea acceptance, ApeCoin will break its barriers and it could be continuing its bull for a long time. 

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