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Bitboy Crypto’s Shocking Move: YouTuber Ben Armstrong Fired

Bitboy Crypto

In an announcement made today, distinguished crypto YouTuber Ben Armstrong has formally been fired from his company, Bitboy Crypto. Indeed, the employer took to Twitter to announce the selection made by way of BJ Investment Holdings and its mother or father company, Hit Network.

The announcement referred to that, as of yesterday, the organization had taken “decisive criminal action in removing Ben Armstrong from the brand. Armstrong used to be the face of Bitboy crypto, with economic damage and substance abuse stated as reasons for his removal.

Crypto YouTuber Ben Armstrong Fired From Bitboy Crypto

In an alternative surprising tournament for the community, distinguished crypto YouTuber Ben Armstrong has been fired from his company, Bitboy Crypto. Moreover, the employer made an announcement regarding Armstrong’s employment termination as an end result of “decisive prison action” in opposition to him.

In a subsequent post, Bitboy Crypto noted economic damage and substance abuse as reasons for the firing. Moreover, they mentioned that the selection got here after the agency sought to assist Armstrong. Specifically amid a relapse, as described in its statement.

bitboy Fired
Source: cryptonews

The organization stated, “This difficult decision is a culmination of a prolonged effort to assist Ben all through his relapse into substance abuse, as properly as reconcile the emotional, physical, and financial harm he has done to the employees of Hit Network and the Bitboy Crypto community.”

The Bitboy Crypto YouTube channel presently has 1.45 million subscribers, with the firing taking the enterprise via surprise. Additionally, rumors started to swirl in the past today, as did rampant speculation involving the precise match preceding the termination. However, the business enterprise has only shared the reasons for his firing, with no precise incident mentioned.

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