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Burger King Supports Elon Musk to accepts Dogecoin

burger king accept dogecoin

Burger King’s Twitter account answered Elon Musk’s tweet about McDonald’s relationship with Dogecoin

As the Twitter account of some other US fast-food giant, Burger King, tweeted in response to Elon Musk addressing McDonald’s regarding Doge, the Dogecoin nearby started out asking Burger King when it used to be planning to start to accepting DOGE.

Burger King support Elon Musk and Doge?

On January 25, Tesla’s boss and greatest supporter of the genuine crypto meme, Dogecoin, Elon Musk tweeted that he would devour a Happy Meal for the duration of a continue to be TV show off if McDonald’s commenced out accepting Dogecoin repayments for the rapid food.

McDonald’s declined the offer, pronouncing that for this to happen, Tesla would first have to begin accepting “Grimacecoin”. This delivered about outstanding disappointment in the Doge community, with some contributors wondering why it took the McDonald’s crew 10 hours to generate such a “cute” response.

However, Burger King moreover answered Elon Musk, posting a barely indistinct tweet that may favor being viewed as supportive.

Speaking of McDonald’s and crypto, in El Salvador the company has already been accepting bitcoin thinking about the truth that the remaining 12 months when the president formally adopted BTC as a capacity of rate in the country.

Doge community believes in Burger King accepts Dogecoin

At the supply up of 2019, it used to be mentioned that Burger King had commenced out accepting Bitcoin Cash; this used to be tested via the play’s largest evangelist, Roger Ver.

The corporation had additionally begun accepting Bitcoin in Germany however then deserted it.

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