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Cardano sets a price rally for 2022 as Charles Hoskinson revels New company plans for 2022

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Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano unrolls some of the plans for the network to grow in 2022. He revealed these plans on a 30 minute Christmas Eve talk on YouTube from his home in, Colorado.

Charles Hoskinson said, “my goal for the second half of 2022 is figuring out how to pull all the pieces together for an end-to-end microfinance transaction at Cardano”.

The founder of Cardano said that a structure would be put in place which will oversee the creation of decentralized products on the network. It will be a formal open source project structure, Like Hyperledger for Linux,” said Hoskinson.

To further reduce energy consumption, the algorithm incorporates the concept of stakeholders. and select some to represent the group during protocol execution, which makes it easy to participate and guarantees blocks to be created even if some of them are offline.
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Cardano developers are also working on improvement Proposals, a series of community-driven network enhancements set to go in 2022. New technology will be used as some of these include human-readable

information for assets displayed on Cardano and some will include a native web wallet to interact with Defi logs.

furthermore, Hokinson said almost 15 companies around the world are currently working with Cardano, and Cardano Team looks forward to increasing the join working partners. In addition, federal states and universities will be able to work together with company projects.

Somehow Cardano is looking forward to expanding its dominance with new projects and new technology via new concepts. As the prediction, there will be a question to all investors? IS CARDANO LOOKING FOR THE 10$ MARK?

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