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The Price Of Crypto Is Unusually High; CoinMarketCap Is Suddenly Hacked

CoinMarketCap Hack Explained Image

Shortly before that, on Tuesday afternoon. CoinMarketCap, the world’s largest cryptocurrency website around ET, has been hacked, and the site has been tampered with by a number of misleading pricing displays and other information, including a few relatively unknown coins listed in the top 15.

CoinMarketCap also made an announcement on their official Twitter account.

CoinMarketCap Hacked Official Tweet
Source : CoinMarketCap

With this information, a hashtag called CoinMarketCap Hack was launched on Twitter, ( USA Trending List ) his shows that the news spread quickly in a very short time

Here the crypto price index, which was normal on the CoinMarketCap website, is unusually distorted as shown below

CoinMarketCap Price List
Source: CoinMarketCap

Crypto Boi, the owner of the YouTube channel that replaces Crypto, is making fun of this by saying, “We made it!.”

Source: BitBoy Twitter

In that way, many people had expressed their views on Twitter in various ways, which had a tendency towards humor Below are some of the most popular tweets.

But this was shortly after CoinMarketCap restored the Crypto Price Index, which is especially commendable

Also, this effect is unique to CoinMarketCap, with no changes to other similar CoinGecko websites.

End of the Story

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