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Ex-President Says No to Cryptocurrency Despite Support his wife’s NFT

Donald Trump

According to a Decrypt report, former President Donald Trump, who was always controversial about cryptocurrencies, called “it is a very dangerous thing” in an interview with Fox Business.

When Fox News host Maria Bartiromo asked Trump he said: ” I never loved it because I like the dollar, I think the currency should be the dollar so I have never been a big crypto fan, but it’s getting bigger and bigger and nobody does anything about it”.

Furthermore, he said,

“I want a currency called the dollar, I don’t want all of those others, and one day that may have an explosion as we have never seen. One day it will make the big technological explosion look like baby things. I think it is very dangerous”.

Donald Trump interviwe Fox Business

Ex President’s comments on the cryptocurrency came at a surprising time as well as at the same interview he promoted his ex-wife Melania’s NFT, just days after the NFT launched.

Melania Trump
Melania Trump Instagram

Former First Lady Melania Trump had previously announced the launch of the Melania Trump NFT platform, on which she will regularly publish exclusive NFTs.

The first NFT will be called “Melania’s Vision” and will be on sale for a significant time period from 16 December to 31,2021.

This first NFT which is named “Melania’s Vision” is a watercolor by MarcAntonie Coulon, which will embody Mrs.Melania’s blue eyes. This also includes an audio message from Mrs.Trump, priced at 150 SOL.

Mrs.Trump’s NFT platform is based on the Solana blockchain protocol. It will accept SOL and credit card payments through MoonPay.

Melania’s Next NFT will be launched in January.

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