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Hong Kong Financial Secretary Praises Blockchain Revolution

hong kong Blockchain

Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po has referred to blockchain technological know-how as a “breakthrough” in the latest statements. Specifically, Chan mentioned the technology in an August 27th weblog post, discussing Web3, NFTs, and Game Fi and their big potential.

Chan discussed the increase in the digital technology industry and how that ought to affect digital enjoyment moving forward. Moreover, the Hong Kong secretary reiterated his assistance for the science and its importance.

Hong Kong Financial Secretary Talks “Breakthrough Growth” of Blockchain Technology

The digital asset enterprise has considered a huge rebound in 2023, as has the totality of digital technology. Moreover, that variety of increase and relevance has led a number of countries and regions to specific their perspectives on the growing sector. Subsequently, one Hong Kong legitimate has cited his guide for its growth.

Specifically, Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po has called blockchain technological know-how a “breakthrough” in a current weblog post. Indeed, he expressed his excitement over the viability that the enterprise and sector have for digital entertainment.

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Chan stated, “The core blockchain technology of Web3, with its traits of disintermediation security, transparency, immutability, and low cost, can be applied in many fields such as finance, commerce, trade, supply chain, management, and even daily life.”

Moreover, Chan recently attended the Digital Entertainment Leaders Forum, which focused on blockchain technology in Hong Kong. There, he stated that $50 million of the allotted annual budget was once committed to the Web3 ecosystem. Coinciding with Hong Kong’s embrace of the enterprise as a whole, counteracting China’s association stance towards digital assets.

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