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How to Find Your Next Cryptocurrency Investment

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Investing in cryptocurrencies is a bubble burst that is never too late to start. Although the concept has been around for over a decade, the term is still used to define it, but the market has seen some significant changes since 2017 when it went high; Until then, it didn’t seem to mean much to people.

According to, a market research website, more than 6,700 different cryptocurrencies are publicly traded. And cryptocurrencies keep multiplying and collecting money through initial coin offers or ICOs. The total value of all cryptocurrencies on April 13, 2021, was more than $ 2.2 trillion, according to CoinMarketCap, and the total value of all bitcoins, the most popular digital currency, was around $ 1.2 trillion.

Best cryptocurrencies by market capitalization

Crypto Market Capitalization Explained Image
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These are the top 10 Best trading cryptocurrencies by market capitalization as tracked by CoinMarketCap, a cryptocurrency data, and analytics provider.

If u are a beginner… Here’s what you need to know about this asset 

  1. What is cryptocurrency?
  2. How to invest in cryptocurrency.
  3. What to consider before investing in cryptocurrency

What to consider before investing in cryptocurrency

What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is any digital currency protected by cryptography that is used as a medium of exchange for peer-to-peer transactions.

Bitcoin, the first blockchain cryptocurrency, is a form of digital currency invented by an anonymous person in 2009. Founder under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

Cardano vs Ethereum
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Cryptos are not managed by a bank or public agency, but cryptocurrency token transactions are generally recorded on a public blockchain, which is made up of digital information stored in a database.

 All transactions and provides a data structure for the general ledger that is considered secure. Unlike fiat (government-issued currency), which is controlled by central banks, with cryptocurrencies banks do not have to verify transactions and are independent of a central bank authority.

Many companies have issued their own coins, often referred to as tokens. These can be specifically exchanged for the goods or services that the company offers. 

 Think of these as arcade tokens or casino chips. You need to exchange real currency for cryptocurrency in order to access the good or service.

Since Crypto start to gain popularity Bitcoin has been the leading crypto asset so far…With the recent surge in cryptocurrencies, it is certain to grab the attention of many retail investors outside the traditional space. 

While Bitcoin is an obvious choice for investors preparing for the pitch, others are looking for cheaper but promising altcoins to complement them. For strangers, an

altcoin simply means an alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin and each of them works according to its own rules.

How to Invest In Cryptocurrency

Investing Cryptocurrency Explained Image
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Those investors who initially had the foresight (or the fortune) to buy Bitcoin and then stuck with the cryptocurrency when it launched last year are now extremely wealthy. Over the past few years, this has been extraordinarily good, and the result is that many casual investors who got it right and stuck with their BTC became millionaires.

After the explosion in Bitcoin prices and the increased flooding of the market with more and more digital currencies, investors are looking for the next digital currency to get rich. The question is, how do you go about finding a cryptocurrency that will take off in the future?

Now, others who seek to emulate the returns of their peers are looking for the next big thing in the market. There are currently hundreds of alternate cryptocurrencies, referred

to as “altcoins.” Often the newest ICO, or initial coin offering, represents an opportunity to multiply one’s investment, but they are also highly risky. 

However, it’s hard to predict which coins will receive the most attention and why. With the right recipe, a cryptocurrency can achieve sustainable growth and keep it once the bubble pops.

What You Must Know Before Investing in Cryptocurrency

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, one of the biggest challenges for investors is not to get drawn into the hype as digital currencies have quickly become a prominent place in the portfolios of many retail and institutional investors. 

At the same time, the analysts continued. To warn investors of its volatility and unpredictability. As with any other investment, if you have decided to invest in the cryptocurrency market, it is important that you do your research before handing over any money. Next, let’s examine the things that you need to know beforehand Invest.

  • Before starting your investing consider these  facts

Why You Are Investing in Cryptocurrency?

Perhaps the most basic question to ask yourself before investing in cryptocurrencies is why you are doing this. There are tons of investment vehicles available right now (many of which offer more stability and less risk than digital currencies).

 The madness of cryptocurrency? Or is there a more compelling reason to invest in one or more specific digital tokens? Of course, different investors have different personal investment goals, and exploring the cryptocurrency space may make more sense for some people than for others.

Study the Industry

Especially for investors who are not yet familiar with digital currencies, it is important that they develop a feeling for how the world of digital currencies works before investing. Take the time to read up on the different currencies on offer. With hundreds of different coins and tokens, this is vital.

Study Cryptocurrency
pexels image by Nataliya Vaitkevich

 Looking beyond the biggest names like Bitcoin, Ether, and Ripple. Also, it’s important to study blockchain technology to get an idea of ​​how this aspect of the cryptocurrency world works. Some aspects of blockchain technology are likely to be difficult for you to analyze. There are many basic blockchain technology manuals that a normal person can understand.

 Once you’ve identified the cryptocurrency (or various cryptocurrencies) to invest, check out how these tokens leverage blockchain technology and if there are any innovations that set them apart from the rest of the field. With cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, you can better determine whether a potential investment opportunity is worthwhile.

Get Updated with the online Community of Cryptocurrency

Since the digital currency area is such a hot area, things tend to develop very quickly. One reason for this is that there is a strong and very active community of investors and digital currency enthusiasts who communicate with each other 24 hours a day.

Connected with this community to learn more about the excitement in the world of cryptocurrencies. Reddit has become a central hub for digital currency enthusiasts, but there are also many other online communities that are actively discussing at all times.

Crypto community
Unsplash image by John Cameron

The community is a crucial indicator of the potential of a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies have a following that gathers online on sites like Reddit and GitHub is a great resource too, and those who can read the code can see how the code works. Social media is less important, but it can also be helpful.

The hype a currency receives is closely related to its final price since those who talk about it are usually the investors themselves. Beware of rewards, however, practice cryptocurrency startups used to reward those who spread the good word. Make up your own mind and always add a grain of salt to someone else’s. 

Cryptocurrency White Papers

Take the time to find the project white paper if you are considering an investment. Every cryptocurrency project should have one and be easily accessible (if necessary). No, consider it a red flag).

White papers are often written as sales and marketing documents to attract or convince potential customers to learn more about a particular product, service, technology, or methodology, or for more information. They are intended as a pre-sale marketing tool and not a user guide or other technical document designed to assist the user after the purchase.

Cryptocurrencies are also known to publish white papers. During the cryptocurrency madness of the 2010s, cryptocurrency companies and Initial Coin Offerings (IOS) frequently published white papers to attract users and “investors” to their projects.

Fraudulent, although there were a few exceptions. The famous Bitcoin was launched online a few months after its famous white paper was published by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in October 2008.

Timing is a must

Crypto Timing Explained Image
Unsplash image by noor Younis

After careful research, you’ve likely gotten a glimpse of the cryptocurrency industry and identified one or more projects that you want to invest in. The next step is to plan your investment. The world of digital currencies is fast-moving and is known to be very volatile. On the one hand, buying a new currency before it explodes in popularity and value can get investors moving just as quickly. 

In reality, however, you are more likely to succeed if you monitor the industry before taking a step. Bitcoin is often the leader in digital currencies, which tend to follow their general course.1 Of course, news of a stock market hack, fraud, or price manipulation can send shock waves through the realm of money. Cryptocurrencies, so it is important to be aware of what is happening in space in general.

These  facts will help you to find a good Crypto

How to  find a good Crypto Explained Image
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One point to consider when looking for the next superstar is the price of the token. For the average investor who doesn’t invest a lot of money in the crypto space, inexpensive coins can offer the best investment for their money.

Imagine a potential investment of $10,000: at current prices, that money could buy less than half a bitcoin, more than 25 lite coins, or thousands of coins in one or more currencies for less than $1 each. It shouldn’t be overlooked.


 Up-to-date information on cryptocurrency trading is readily available online. Digital currencies with rising prices and rising trading volumes are likely to be dynamic in the future. Of course, there’s no guarantee that this momentum will continue, but it’s still a useful way to determine which digital currencies are currently the most investor interest.


The first step is to find out which first coin offers are emerging. With websites like ICO alerts, developers have the opportunity to list their next pre-sale and public sale. You can also list other information such as the soft limit and the purchase price. And the team profile.

 Savvy investors can use sites like this to plan their get started, do the research, and have their money ready to invest in the best events. The popularity of IOS increases with data to back up the hype. “At ICO Alert, the number of our daily unique users has doubled every 2 to 4 weeks. 

The growth is incredible and confirms our view that the community wants an unfiltered list of Icons. ICO Alert remains the only free ICO website and the only one full list from We anticipate growth will continue, ” said Robert Finch, Founder of Alert.

Supply Is a key

Bitcoin Supply and Demand Concept Explained Image
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Most cryptocurrencies have a predetermined maximum supply. When this maximum is reached, usually through mining efforts, no new tokens will be produced. If interest is held while the supply is fixed, the price could go up. and the current spread of a cryptocurrency before investing.

How unique is the idea?

There are millions of ways to use blockchain and new ideas pop up every day. Right now, the market has not and should not be impressed with coins that simply emulate the “decentralized currency” model.

 A revolutionary idea when it was first invented, but now all cryptocurrencies share their functionality. Look for something that gives a new twist to an old concept or wants to achieve something ambitious. If you see dark or vomit language on the project website, stay away because it could be a scam.

Crypto Scam Explained Image
Unsplash image by Azamat E


How long has cryptocurrency been around? New cryptocurrencies aren’t ruled out right away, but if you compare historical data you can see how a company has done so far.

Coin Distribution

 The smart contract that manages the coin distribution has certain rules, e.g. B. how much will be available, for whom, when, and whether unsold coins will be “burned” (destroyed). 

In relation to your offer, you get all the more on the open market. Look for information on how many coins are being sold on the closed pre-sale (and what the bonus is to buy at that point), the ICO time slot, and more.


Technology Explained Image
Unsplash image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

How does the platform compare to others in terms of usability and security? The first thing to look for is the speed at which transactions are taking place. The network should be able to handle transactional traffic without any problems.

You also want to secure your investment. Most cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology, which makes all transactions transparent and easy to track. Blockchain technology doesn’t necessarily make it difficult for hackers to steal your cryptocurrency. Get lost after a scam.

New ICOs need to be launched from an existing blockchain unless they plan to create their own. The chain on which the coin is built determines which existing cryptocurrency will be used to participate in the ICO.

 For the blockchain, Ether has to buy a new coin. Therefore, it can initially only be traded with Ethereum and not with other cryptocurrencies. Using a dark chain-like NEO can limit the price.

Exchange plans

The most optimistic thing about any cryptocurrency is to be listed on an exchange. When a place like Coinbase, Bitten, or Kraken announces plans to list a coin that is still in the ICO stage, that is an excellent sign.

Adoption Rate

 How Many People Are Investing in the Cryptocurrency You Are Considering? If you see high acceptance, it means that the cryptocurrency has better liquidity. Trading, selling or spending will be easier in the future.

Cryptocurrency Trading an Investing
Unsplash image by Executium

Looking ahead to 2018, Ripple saw great growth. While ORP has been down a bit since the start of the new year, it has great potential for adoption outside the world of cryptocurrency speculation. The reason for this lies in the distributed processing system.

Promises of the underlying technology to central banks and other financial institutions. (See also: Ripple Cryptocurrency Woos China’s Central Bank. If you can identify a cryptocurrency that has an advantage over others (and therefore is rather widespread), it might be a good investment.

Reading and studying the above facts won’t make you a successful Crypto Investor, So here are some tips to discipline your investing Skills on Crypto Investing

Make a Plan

Make a Plan, It doesn’t work without a protection plan. So make sure you have a plan for your operations and sales before entering the market. That way, you know where you are going with your hard-earned cash and you can handle the winnings. and better losses.

Make a Cryptocurrency Plan
pexels image by Nataliya Vaitkevich

Invest your Money With a care

The market is volatile. Therefore, never invest all of your money in Crypto. Those interested in crypto should put money into all types of investments. In serious losses. Hence, investing in something that is hard to lose is a huge mistake that you may not want to make.

Never Trust

Advice usually doesn’t work in the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, never act on the advice of others. Nobody understands us and our instincts better than we do. It is therefore always advisable to develop your own strategies and apply them. Build your own strategies learn the crypto market on your own.

Watch out for the hype

Many investors are influenced by provocative news articles and social media propaganda that does not always provide the necessary information that is conducive to their investment strategies. 

This can lead to reckless stock trading, based on completely insecure biased opinions, leading investors to make emotional decisions. This Leads to Losses Regardless of how you personally feel about your investments in relation to such influential elements, hard facts trading alone is the only option that will allow you to get your crypto deals going.

Be mind full about your Transactions

Though convenient, shouldn’t detract from security concerns, they thrive when executing trades or storing assets on mobile devices. Cell phones are more likely to be tempered and injured, both electronically and physically. Giving Large Sums of Any Cryptocurrency on Your Cell Phone Phones is just too much of a risk.

Diversification is Key

Be careful about putting all of your cryptocurrencies on a single label. Bitcoins are just one of their classes. Volunteers in other altcoins like Ethereum, Finance Coin, etc. Just as financial advisors recommend investing in multiple types of stocks, diversity is also vital to a healthy crypto profile.

 If you have your money in all the currencies you trade, there is less chance that your investments will suffer total losses with sudden fluctuations. Cryptocurrencies are very delicate and eternal. Craftsmanship can be a complex art that needs to be fully understood. So don’t push yourself to become the wizard from day one. By acting consistently, you can maximize your trading power or your daily transactions in the cryptocurrency market.

Finally,  Are cryptocurrencies a good investment?

Finally,  Are cryptocurrencies a good investment Explained Image
pexels image by Tima Miroshnichenko

Cryptocurrencies can appreciate in value, but many investors see them as mere speculation rather than real investment. The reason? Like real currencies, cryptocurrencies do not generate cash flow. So in order to make a profit, someone has to pay more for the currency than you do. This is called the “dumbest” plant theory. Compare this to a well-run business that grows in value over time by increasing profitability and cash flow from operations.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin may not be as secure, and some notable voices in the investment community have advised potential investors to stay away from them. In particular, legendary investor Warren Buffett compared Bitcoin to checks: “It’s a very efficient way to transfer money, and you can do it anonymously and so on. A check is also a way to transfer money.

 Are checks worth a lot of money? Just because they can transfer money? For those who view cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as the currency of the future, it should be noted that a currency needs stability so that merchants and consumers can determine what a fair price for goods is.

 Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been far from stable for much of their history. Nearly $20,000 in December 2017, its value dropped to just $3,200 a year later. It was trading at record levels again by December 2020. This price volatility creates a mystery. If bitcoins could be worth a lot more in the future, people are less likely to spend and circulate them today, making them less profitable as a currency. Why spend a bitcoin when it could be worth three times as much next year?

Finally, remember that digital currencies are a very speculative area. For every bitcoin millionaire overnight, there are plenty of other investors who put money into the virtual token realm only to see that money go away. Investing in this space means taking a risk. Doing your homework before investing will help you have the best chance of success.

If one thing is certain, cryptocurrency will not go away and will quickly become mainstream. As more and more companies adopt cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, which makes it easy to use, you may inevitably need to learn about and even invest in the dynamics of the crypto world…

End of the Story

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