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MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor Looking forward to new strategies with Cryptocurrency Downfall


MicroStrategy refreshing plan

After having a bad time MicroStrategy is refreshing its plans. MicroStrategy CEO the famous  Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy has bought new fresh 660 Bitcoin tokens to the company at a time when the market tastes a bad pull down.

In an official Twitter update, Michael Saylor said each Bitcoin was bought at a price of US$37,865 and had paid a total amount of US$25 million for his new tokens.

furthermore, he mentioned MicroStrategy account now has a total of 125,051 bitcoins which costs US$3.78 Billion. Since 2019 MicroStrategy started buying Bitcoin.  

 The government needs to tight crypto regulations and it would obviously be a green light for Bitcoin, said Michael Saylor on CNBC Wednesday. Furthermore said “Additional regulatory clarity from the Biden government will benefit Bitcoin and soon as possible need to work on its legal framework.

 As a major bitcoin fanatic and holder, he is looking for a clear, bright digital property. Saylor’s MicroStrategy has invested millions in digital currency.

Michael Saylor believes the unstoppable of the Cryptocurrency market will help to stabilize the market. From many experts’ points of view regulating the cryptocurrency will be a great opportunity for real traders as it is backed by security fundamentals. 

Bitcoin Legal

It will make digital assets safe and promising for users. After the downfall market is slightly recovering.

Regulating Cryptocurrency will create a good impact on the market and some countries may uplift their ban on cryptocurrency.

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