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Most Popular MonkeyBall game launchings its own token $SMB and looking forward to its own NFT

MonkeyBall Game

(P2E) Play to Earn games are so popular recently. Monkeyball is one of them. Recently The MonkeyBall team has launched their first token, which is named as $MBS token. This was very good and happy news for its users.

Furthermore, the team announced they are looking forward to launching a monkey NFT drop in the upcoming days. According to MonkeyBall, they are very keen on their NFT.

From these kinds of interesting things, they will draw massive attention towards their game and token. This popularity will help the MonkeyBall team to achieve its milestones.

MonkeyBall Game $MBS Token

Recently $MBS token users can trade it on multiple exchanges and trading platforms. The Token was created in great idea in connection with for future MonkeyBall metaverse. The token will allow permission to the in-game stores.

MonkeyBall metaverse

These tokens are not only for trading it allows to buy and breed to create new capsules which include new Moneyball Monkeys.

With the token users will have the access to the following modes;

PvE Game Mode: This will help you to understand the game mechanics and how to level up characters.

In-Game Store: this will allow you to various and discounted consumables which will help breeding capsules to train Monkey Players.

Pioneers Gear-Up Camp: This is a way to collect game items and other collectibles for free.

Breeding season: This is a special feature that will allow users to buy new breeding capsules to create new generations of Monkeys. These bred monkeys can be sold to other players.

MonkeyBall Game NFT

So it means MonkeyBall NFT will be representing Gen-0 Monkeys. After the breeding, the monkeys will be GEN-1 Monkeys. Furthermore, the new rating-creating monkeys will have different skills, different appearances, skills, special abilities, and gaming skills.

This MonkeyBall P2E game is developed based on the Solana Blockchain. Players will get a team that will be including four monkeys. Users will be rewarded with $SMB tokens for the games they win. They can use these token to do many things for example buy stadiums, buy players, and many more.

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