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NFT Bored Ape Is Now Selling Burgers And French Fries

Bored Ape

A newly formed restaurant Bored Ape “Bored and Hungry” is a little bit different than the other restaurants. Situated in Long Beach, California The Bored and Hungry looks like a normal Restaurant to someone but it is clearly a unique and different restaurant.

So what’s the difference? The difference is this Restaurant is inspired by NFTs.NFT, a non-fungible token is currently a popular name and a popular entity.

So mainly you can see burgers here but as I mentioned there are more than burgers here. The owner of this restaurant Andy Nguyen has spent thousands of dollars to build this entity.

The Restaurant theme is Bored Ape NFTs. So Andy Nguyen has spent $267,000 for the main bored ape in their Restaurant logo and $65,000 to $75,000 for each mutant ape.

This is a big investment for a restaurant. However, the thousand dollar investment was a worthy try since they launched their first burger it has been very good for the restaurant as they were able to attract more than 1500 customers on their first burger day April 9.

“The entire concept seems to have performed higher than expected,โ€ says Andy Nguyen. Even andy knows more than buyers it was the NFT apes who drags the more attraction.ย 

The Bored Ape-inspired Logo and drawings are displayed on the food packages and inside the restaurant.

It was not a big idea to create a such restaurant Andy says he was thinking of opening a vegan restaurant but later he changed his decision. So with this popularity, he is looking to expand it more.

Now the special thing is you can pay in Ethereum and also in the famous ApeCoin. ApeCoin is recently the active coin of the famous NFT Market place OpenSea Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Andy is looking to expand the idea furthermore with new NFTs using many platforms including web3 space.ย 

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