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Santa Predicts these Cryptocurrencies will be the hottest before Next Christmas 2022

christmas cryptocurrency

2021 is truly a year of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin the most popular crypto coin passed its all-time high price of $60,000 while creating many millionaires.

Significant losses were recorded in the cryptocurrency market over the past few months but still, the cryptocurrency market remains above $2 trillion market capitalization.

bitcoin and many other crypto coins have performed well in 2021 and in case of that cryptocurrency market are getting larger day by day, as I

mentioned above bitcoin and many cryptocurrencies marked their all-time high market price in 2021.

cryptocurrencies marked their all-time high market price in 2021
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After having a successful 2021 will the success remain in 2022? This is the main question crypto investors and crypto fanatics have recently. As market experts, the answer is Yes…it will be a hot 2022 year for the cryptocurrency market.

Especially as we all know the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile it is not easy to find a correct answer in this article. In the case of preparing this article, our CoinWist team analyzed various Crypto Predictions, rumors experts analytics, and many other sources.

I m pretty sure this article will help you to gain an idea about the cryptocurrency market in 2022.

1. Cardano (ADA)

Christmas cardano overview
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Cardano is a blockchain platform with its own cryptocurrency, ADA. ADA is the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and one of the most famous altcoins in 2021.ADA the currency of the Cardano blockchain has risen more than 1,000% this year.

ADA was able to touch it is all-time high 3$ this September.ADA is referred to as the “Ethereum killer” by its favorites because of its interesting activities and projects.

ADA boost the start of the year with a lot of excitement with the start of its Alonzo hard fork update which happened in September which expanded the functionality of the token.

Furthermore, Cardano’s introduction of Plutus scripts has given the opportunity to developers to create decentralized applications in the ecosystem. In the case of these new Projects, ADA will attract more attention and investors next year says, experts.

2. PolkaDot

PolkaDot Up Explained Image
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Communication is the key in this cryptocurrency, it enables data to be exchanged across various blockchains. One of the major problems we have in cryptocurrencies was that each one operates on its own, without the ability to exchange information or transfer currencies from one to another.

 The main network in Polkadot includes the relay chain and parachains that run alongside. These parachains are a key element that connects to other blockchains like Ethereum.

Polkadot‘s leadership role and ability to connect to other blockchains could help it stay on the front lines as the crypto market grows. In this case with interesting activities and special abilities in this cryptocurrency, expectations are high to grow rapidly in the near future and 2022.

3. Algorand (Algo)

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The most interesting thing about Algorand is its transaction speed. The Algorand project has already shown that it can process more than a thousand transactions in less than five seconds. The algorand team says the project will soon process 3,000 transactions per second and its next goal is 45,000 transactions per second which are higher than the visa card transaction speed of 24,000transactions per second.

The protocol structure of algorand makes it so special and so efficient. This efficiency can always attract more users and investors, as well as their new upcoming activities, will make a big impact in 2022.

4. Ethereum ( ETH )

Ethereum Price prediction 2022
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Ethereum, which launched in 2015 is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization.

Experts say ethereum’s strong performance-based on two key factors. First is Ether has a high potential for actual use. The ethereum blockchain which is the primary platform for smart contracts ether is the native cryptocurrency, which is growing rapidly.

the second is ethereum recent update known as the Altair update which has been well received by investors as it makes the network more secure.

The use of blockchain in decentralized financial(Defi) applications will also help to drive up the ether price.

Ethereum’s price has risen 500% this year which outperforms the competitor bitcoin by 103% over the same period.

5. Solana ( SOL )

Solana Price predictio 2022
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Solana is a better performer in 2021 to become the world’s fifth-largest cryptocurrency in the world, with a market limit of $ 65 billion, on 3rd December, was promoted as a challenger to Ehereherum,  however, that Solana is relatively new, it was released in 2020 so has not yet been proven and can be quite volatile which makes it a high-risk speculative bet right now.

Investors should understand the risks and only invest as much money as they can allow themselves to lose. With its upcoming new activities, it will be a good year for Solana in 2022.

A key fact to note is all main cryptocurrencies has gained below 1000% despite coins like Shiba Inu soared more than 43,000,000%

So it’s always up to you, choosing a good coin will make you a millionaire as same as choosing a wrong coin will take you deep down. Remember the market is highly volatile so before making choices analyzing will be the best thing.

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