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Tencent Halts Sales of Its NFT Because of a Complaint


Tencent Holdings has stopped the income of its NFT platform to the public, the corporation stated on Tuesday.

Haunted was as soon as formally launched via the capacity of the Chinese Internet Giant in August 2021. However, due to a shift in enterprise strategy, Tencent will be shutting down the service. Based on the company’s consideration to middle attention on its core strategy, Huanhe is making adjustments to its business, Tencent Holdings stated in a statement.

Fortunately for modern holders in Huanhe, the employer says that proprietors of present collectibles will however be in a position to hold, exhibit or request a refund for their possessions. However, the merchandising of the NFTs will stop establishing today.

Huan grew to be one of the biggest NFT systems in China upon its launch ultimate year. However, regulators in China have ended up with a growing wide variety of strict over NFTs, over their similarities to already banned cryptocurrency. Tencent Holdings is no longer complex about closing the NFT earnings service.


Tencent and Ant Group signed a pact in June to supply up the secondary buying and selling of digital collectibles and self-regulate their things to do in the market. The rumors of Huan shutting down had been quick to comply with in Chinese media in July. Users even use the phrase NFT with the greater warning in the country, commonly opting to describe them as digital collectibles.

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