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Tether​ Launches USDT on Polkadot Network — a Big Step Forward for Blockchain Inter

Polkadot Network

Tether has launched its native token USDT on Polkadot Network, the organization introduced in a Friday Statement.

Polkadot is a decentralized, open-source blockchain platform. It is a full-stack Web3 ecosystem that helps cross-chain registries and cross-chain computation. Furthermore, the blockchain platform continues to amplify its presence in decentralized ecosystems with the addition of the stablecoin. Concurrently, the addition of Tether will block “potentially unfavorable outcomes related to market volatility.

” In addition, Tether customers will be in a position to use the Polkadot Relay Chain to trade data and USDT transactions in an invulnerable and trustless way, in accordance with the announcement blog.

“We’re delighted to launch USD₮ on Polkadot, supplying its neighborhood get admission to to the most liquid, stable, and relied on stablecoin in the digital token space,” stated Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Tether. The addition of Tether, he continues, “will be crucial in assisting it to continue to expand.” Polkadot is on a trajectory of growth and transformation this year, he says.

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Overall, the Tether Stablecoin is now handy on eleven blockchain networks. According to the company, it is additionally searching to proceed with increasing past that range after the addition to Polkadot on Friday. Currently, you can locate Tether on the following networks:







Liquid Network




Bitcoin Cash’s Standard Ledger Protocol.

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Polkadot Network
Tether​ Launches USDT on Polkadot Network — a Big Step Forward for Blockchain Inter