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The CNMV, the Spanish securities regulator issues a warning to the Community BE AWARE OF BITCOIN


CNMV regulate issues?

The Spanish securities regulator, The CNMV has issued security warn to the Spanish community. It’s about an unknown group seeking your information and offering to sell bitcoin on its behalf.

 These illegal activities are conducted by a group and the scam is done via phone calls. The fraudsters ask for personal information and they offer you the benefits of purchasing bitcoins.

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Furthermore, fraudsters say, they are offering bitcoins from a confiscated company indicted by Spanish courts.

These fraudsters explain they are contacting citizens from a fake anti-fraud department of the Spanish securities regulator(CNMV).

CNMV has announced they have already reported this illegal activity to the authorities and they will also give their support to catch the fraudsters.

With the Statement, CMNV had stated some recommendations and asked the public and the citizens who have already been caught in this to help them by reporting the cases.

The CMNV asked citizens to be aware of calls that are made on its organization’s name and the Spanish local securities inform the public that CNMV emails come from the domain and be aware of fake CNMV emails. Furthermore, authorities inform be aware of strange links which are attached with the organization name CNMV.

CMNV informs that they will never contact any citizen regarding investing or any other relevant opportunity. If anyone contacts in the name of CNMV straight reports it to the authorities says CNMV.

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