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The Novatar – Revolutionising the NFTS

Novatar NFT project

Novatar is a brand new NFT project which will give you a new identity. This will give you a meta identity that will exist in all virtual Metaverses. This Novatar only has 25,000 avatars and this will be permanent and no more will be increased. All the 25,000 NFT Avatars are unique in their own way.

Variations of color, facial features, expressions, and many more included. With the new technology, the newborn baby avatars can age after being minted. This is provided by a mechanism in blockchain technology. This special ability allows the users to select the age of the avatar.

 Furthermore, owners can choose when to age their baby avatars and develop them into adults. A new baby Novatar will present 9 basic genes. In the process of aging, the baby avatars retain the genes while they had when they were created.

 As I mentioned before 9 genes will be the basic features and they will be mandatory.When the avatar grows it will have 14 genes. 10 genes will be mandatory and 4 genes will be optional. So every gene presents 6 different variations for adults every gene will present you 11 variations, despite genes that code skin, eyes, hair, and the color of eyebrows will be exceptional.

Main facts in Novatar

  • At the very beginning, Novatars will pop up as newborn babies.
  • Only 25,000 Avatars exist
  • Doctor, Astronaut, Gamer, Developer these professions will be included in Novatar NFTs.
  • With aging, new genes are added
  • Each Novatar is rare, Unique
  • So this is a new way to look forward with NFTs. It will represent you in virtual or real-life events.

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