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Verlux The First Cross-Chain NFT Market Place, Based On Cardano Begins A New Journey

Verlux Cross-Chain

The Verlux team is excited to inform its community, of its remarkable response to their pre-sale which has used up 35% of their allocated tokens were sold. As the team continues to build the CrossChain NFT platform, Its users can  Buy, sell and mint your NFTs on your marketplace.

 Verlux has a unique system with the Novel CrossChain Swap protocol that enables users to efficiently and seamlessly exchange NFTs based on other blockchains with Cardano Blockchain while maintaining the authenticity of the data.

Verlux Eco System and Its Unique Features

Verlux is conducting a fee to revolutionize the high-cost barrier of the NFT ecosystem, and by relying on Cardano, NFTs on other blockchains that are swapped for the Cardano blockchain on its platform will leverage the profitability and security of the Cardano network.

The networks on which they are built, a constraint that Verlux seeks to turn into an opportunity. Its goal is to build a platform where users can exchange their NFTs and exchange them from other blockchains to  Cardano blockchain efficiently and with low fees while maintaining the security features of the Cardano blockchain.

Verlux Eco System

Verlux integrates a share function where you can use $ VLX tokens to expand a special edition, and 100% exclusive NFT, which is only available through  NFT Farming, to connect a compatible web-based Cardano wallet such as Nami and Gero Wallet,

click on  Mint NFT and users will see a simple form to list their NFT. One of the main features of Verlux is the low transaction fees in both service fees and gas fees. 

$VLX Token

$ VLX is the utility token used to power the Verlux ecosystem. $ VLX will serve as a community governance system for token holders for the proposed features and developments to be implemented on the platform.

Additionally, your benefits range from NFT conversion fees,  NFT transaction facilitation, featured NFT listing, NFT cultivation, and more. With your carefully crafted tokenomics, you eliminate potential whale manipulation by ensuring that no address has more than 4% of the total supply of $ VLX tokens.

$VLX has a total supply of 1 billion tokens. The Pre-sale is live now.

1 Token will be sold at 0.0020 ADA and the minimum buy is 200 ADA. The maximum buy is 10,000 ADA. All the instructions can be found on the sale page. Visit from here.

Verlux looks forward to being the largest market for NFT  as its mission is to provide constant innovation and develop the solutions necessary to capitalize on the unlimited potential of the NFT ecosystem.

Verlux believes the NFT ecosystem is still in its infancy and has the right team to make sure. We are improving its scalability its marketplace will be fully launched Verlux plans to launch its fully functional CrossChain NFT platform on the Cardano blockchain by the first quarter of 2022.

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